Buy & Sell In DC, MD & VA

Buy & Sell In DC, MD & VA
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Real Estate Agent Washington DC-Kathy Mason

You Need A Real Estate Agent That Will Work With & For You- That’s Kathy

As a real estate broker, Kathy has exceed the normal real estate agent name. She formed Moving to The Capital as a way to focus more energy on her buyers and sellers.  This allows her to have a more hands on approach with you.  Building a relationship and understanding your goals are key to Kathy’s success in the real estate industry.

She has helped countless first time home buyers navigate the confusing world of the home purchasing process. As a real estate agent and broker, Kathy believes informed decisions and education are at the heart of a satisfying first time home buying experience.  Kathy communicates information to you, the client, in a way that is factual and built on over 11 years in the real estate industry. Kathy establishes a relationship with you that will allow the  you to address her with any concerns you have.  Move To The Capital was formed with you as the center of the business.

Market Trends-It’s What Keeps Kathy Going…

Even if this is not your first rodeo, it may have been years since your last home purchase. As a real estate agent in the Washington D.C. area, Kathy keeps abreast of trending market data.  Changes such as a business moving to or from an area can have a drastic effect on housing pricing trends and demand, and Kathy goes the extra mile to know.  You need a real estate agent who can navigate the changes in the Washington D.C. area.

Work With A Leader-Kathy’s No Follower

If you have ever worked with someone that just follows, then you know that in the home  buying process, it just does not work for a real estate agent. As a go-getter, Kathy  does not lead you blindly. She takes your hand when your hand needs to be caught or walks the path with you during the entire process. That means in critical situations, you get a real estate agent that has the fortitude to move forward and think creatively, even when the situation may seem hopeless.

Get An Agent That Can Close

You found your new home, but something went wrong. The house did not close or problems that could not be solved.  Kathy graduated from  Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction. Get the home buying done right the first time. Kathy has a critical eye, understands repair cost estimation, and will give you the perspective of whether a home is a good fit for you. Not all mortgages are the same especially FHA loans either and vary depending on the market.   The home buying process can be a daunting task, even if it your second, third, or fourth time purchasing a home. Don’t waste energy on a home that will never close. Kathy’s has the knowledge, education, and skills to get that home closed for you.

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